we’re Serbaneka Studio, a small design studio based in Surakarta Indonesia

Our Process
  • 01.
    Creative Briefing
    • a short document that sums up design project mission, goals, challenges, messaging, and other key details
  • 02.
    • find out more about the client industry is in. Consider the historical perspective and industry, and look at emerging trends in the marketplace. which may involve reviewing the logo designs of competitors.
  • 03.
    Design & Development
    • This is time to develop an often exlusive good blend of great graphics that also convey the right message for the project. In this step, we are trying to encapsulate the diverse and complex nature of a business into a small and simple design, suitable for use in a multitude of different circumstances (business cards, marketing material, website design, and more). For each logo design concept we create
  • 04.
    Feedback and Review
    • time to get feedback from colleagues and other designers, and possibly even from our client.
  • 05.
    • The last step after getting feedback is presenting the logo design result in a pdf files
our skills

digital creative studio

Brand Identity
Icon Design
meet our team

may we present our team.

  • Murti Sanjaya
    Creative Director
  • Bangkit Hernowo
    Icon Designer
  • Dimas Fakhrudin
    Type Designer